We are converting the living spaces

Convert living spaces where people live

Many years ago, when we invested in the real-estate business, we have realized that real-estate business has critical flaws. We understand that the only way for change is to create change by ourselves. 

The time has come for using new and unorthodox strategies. We have to evaluate every aspect of real-estate business, where we protect energy, optimize it, reuse it and even we have to think possibilities of eliminating need. How do we include and strengthen, companies and individuals in our business model? How can we be sure that developing technologies are implementing in the best sustainable way? How can we demonstrate that our strategies carry the highest standards of business?

In December 2020 we will begin the race of carbon neutrality which has started by the biggest NGOs of the world and named as “Zero Carbon Movement“. We will offer original, innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption through efficiency, recycling, and reduction while showing transparency to investors. 

We invite you now, in a similar way, foresighted possible partners to share our vision. Together, we aim to create a more green and profitable industry for the benefit of society with this we can help to save the environment, acquire carbon neutrality, and in a long term improve green incomes. 

We welcome you to Woppy Teknoloji’s vision of the smarter business for a healthier planet.

Corporate Managament

Woppy Teknoloji is a strong supporter of global climate objectives. 

In Woppy Teknoloji, we develop all of our projects and business ideas with the guidance of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Objectives, Treaty of Paris, and the European Union’s Green Consensus. 

We ensure that every project of Woppy Teknoloji depending and prioritizing global climate objectives. We implement these efforts because our contribution to the fight against climate change is important to us and to the world. Besides that, we believe that one of our corporate responsibility is to contribute to society in a good way. 

Our aim for Woppy Teknoloji is to create a positive effect on both humanity and the world. This is why we want to achieve to build a responsible world with increasing positive effects and reducing negative effects.


Our Main Focus Areas

We work on eco-system improvements like Green Buldings, Energy Productivity, Recyclable Energy, Innovative Technologies about energy, water, clean access and waste management. We work on environmental and eco-system improvements for harmonization to climate change, reduction of emission. Our purpose is to build first prototype lab “Innovation Campus: Zeitgeist Bodrum” of Turkey.

Come and Join Us to Become a Part of Green Transformation!