Carbon Neutral Strategies

We are aiming to decrease carbon footprint by 50%.

The cost of pollution is increasing and by optimizing and designing a
more efficient business model strategy, we can
achieve long-term profit and sustainability.


We can make it happen!

About Us

We are converting the living spaces!

We are aiming to convert where people live and work to positive energy campuses.

We are converting the living spaces. We are aiming to
convert where people live to positive energy areas.
Many years ago, when we invested in the real-estate business, we have realized that real-estate business has critical flaws.
We understand that the only way for change is to create
change by ourselves. 

The time has come for using new and unique strategies.
We have to evaluate every aspect of real-estate business,
where we protect energy, optimize it, reuse it and even
we have to think possibilities of eliminating need.
How do we include and strengthen, companies and
individuals in our business model?

Green Transformation Approach

Factors of Success:

The two main driving forces of achieving our vision are:

Energy Productibility: 

Reducement of energy consumerism is better than most sustainable energy.

Commercial Sustainability:

To create scalable green solutions, it must be profitable.

Small Actions Make Big Impacts!

The building and construction industry is estimated to account for 26% of final energy consumption and 29% of direct and indirect cost emissions. 

In thirty years global construction sector is expected to grow by 250 billion square meters. This growth equals to a Japan each year at the end of 2050.

Without action, energy demand in the construction sector will increase by 25% by 2030. This result is equivalent to the sum of all energy use by households in Turkey, the USA, the EU, and China.

Time to Rethink!

People who inspire makes the real difference

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