Zeitgeist Bodrum is a living universe that is mysterious as a
planet, green as nature, and free as the sky. Zeitgeist Bodrum
 is a place where creative people can stop,
work and explore and meet.Combining work and
holidays creates a unique opportunity. 

It opens your mind and links you to a whole new global
network of creators.

Woppy Teknoloji Solar and Roof is a company that unrivaled and active all around Turkey with the master roof infrastructure since 1959.
Its roots are in every detail of the roof and its
transformation until today with the pride of thousands of roofs it has helped to build, 


its name in the construction business are mentioned side by side with quality and trust.

Woppy Teknoloji’s unique installers loyalty system named Kiremitci.
Woppy Teknoloji Roof workshop was founded in
1959 in Zonguldak Devrek county. Today, we spread all
around Turkey with our professional staff and construction
material dealer infrastructure. Our roots still every detail
of the roof. For 60 years, we have produced
multidisciplinary system solutions for a better experience
and increased life quality

Finlab, is an early-stage entrepreneurship studio that
finds the best fintech start-ups in its class.

With these findings, Finlab gives entrepreneurs
the to invest and nurtures new possible start-ups.

Start without risk and improve yourself with finance
strategy-based competition. Gain experience in Global
markets in a secure way and without risk.

We are Woppy! and we have a passion to convert education.
We design games that will fire the holistic intelligence
development of preschool children.
Woopy reveals the potential of your child with 5 different
educational sets which have developed.

As a Brainshop team, we design creative, innovative, and
educative games for children. We describe ourselves
as a “child-centered” company. 

We care and acknowledge the importance of early
childhood games and their effects on the cognitive
thinking of the child