Zeitgeist Bodrum is a living universe that is mysterious as a planet,
green as nature, and free as the sky

Zeitgeist Bodrum is a place where creative people
can stop, work and explore and meet.
Combining work and holidays creates a
unique opportunity. It opens your mind and links
you to a whole new global network of creators.

With the freedom caring community Zeitgeist Bodrum, summons people who are looking for new living standards and it proves that better living standards are possible. Zeitgeist Bodrum is a natural and solidarity-filled life universe, brings together its community that values freedom and people who are seeking a new life and reveals that another life is possible. Zeitgeist Bodrum was built especially for today’s nomad travelers to blend and taste local experiences such as working collectively in a creative village, relax, living a healthy life.

To discover more: zeitgeist.com.tr